FreePitt.com is site dedicated to presenting the truth about what happened to Matt Pitt.  Jefferson County Sheriffs Department has gone on record stating that the ministry Matt started, know as The Basement, has produced “propaganda” to try to mislead the public. Everything you see on this site is dedicated to truth, justice, and factual evidence. You will see documents, videos, audio recordings and much more. There is no way all this would be documented for over a year if no one knew what was going on and knew to document. The simple fact is, Matt Pitt has been threatened for many years and was threatened up until the very moment he was set up and arrested. His family and staff have been threatened. Many speculate as to the reasoning for such a scandal or threat, but the simple fact is it happened. Thank you for taking the time to look at some of the convincing documents, videos, and audio recordings. We are not trying to convince anyone of anything. As believers in what God is doing with The Basement and Matt Pitt, we know that God will ultimately defend Matt Pitt and what God has planned. But as witnesses, we cannot sit by and not tell what we have seen with our own eyes. Much like the very accounts of everything that occurred in the bible, we are obligated to tell the story and share what all God has done through Matt Pitt and The Basement Ministry

This site plays host to the evidence supporting the innocence of Matt Pitt and the proof of injustice to those who plotted against him.

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Inmates Reached by Matt Pitt 1

Inmates recently released from Shelby County Jail that Matt Pitt affected!  This is “Veteran” who just got out of Shelby County Jail who was reached by Matt Pitt! “I’m really excited about being a part of this great thing Matt has started!” – Joey “Veteran” This is “Hippie” who just was released from Shelby County [...]

Hippie reached by Matt Pitt